Split an MP3 file into tracks

LP player

Start split
    After splitting, click Start Split icon to make the segments into different audio files.

Play and preview
    When clicking Play, the sound file will start from where the slider locates.
    When clicking Preview, the sound file will start from the beginning of the selected segment.

Add time
    Click to add splitting.

    Remove an unnecessary segment.

Remove all
    Remove all segments.

    Key in definite time and click Goto. It will bring you to the specified location.

Back to start
    Check to record current location of the slider.
    When you stop playing the sound file, the slider will go back to the recorded location.

Playing/Previewing speed
    You can select to play/preview in faster of slower speed.

Fast forward/backward
    Key in a definite time and click to go fast forward/backward according to the duration being set.

LP player

1: Slider
    The slider will go forward when you play a sound file; while it will not when you preview a segment.
    You can drag it to locate your splitting.

2: Process bar
    Showing the process of sound file.

3: Trimming
    To give micro adjustment to split location.

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