Transfer Your LPs to CD or MP3!

LP player

Do you have a collection of LPs, 45's, 33's or 78's sitting in a box or stuck by your stereo?

Can't play them in your car or stereo? In addition, as time goes on, the audio quality of your records will degrade. You'll need to archive them soon before they become unsalvageable.

Focus MP3 Recorder Pro is a computer program dedicated to transfer your LP to CD. This software makes it extremely easy to record your LP to CD or create MP3, FLAC, WMA or WAV files.

Connect Your LP Player To Your Computer!

LP player

Record Your LPs

    Take the first LP off your old stack and put it on your LP player.
    Click "Record". Put the needle on the record and the software will automatically record.
    When you are done recording, just click "Stop".

Burn A CD or Create An MP3

    Burn as many CD as you'd like.
    If the recording is longer than 80 minutes, it will burn it over multiple CDs.
    Alternatively, you can create MP3 files with proper tags and all.
    The process is stream-lined, easy and fun!
    Repeat the process and record as many LP to CD as you'd like!

Get it now!

    Download your free trial version now!
    Try and see for yourself and then register to get the full version for only $9.99!